Check your current website trustworthiness

Review gathering automation

You have a new customer
He will receive an email notification to leave a review
The customer will be able to quickly and easily leave a review about your company and product
Collecting customer reviews will build trust in your website, which will boost your sales

Review Widget in your webpage

1. Apply to receive your review widget.
2. Copy the widget code generated for you.
3. Paste this code into your homepage and your review widget will appear.


  • Display your reviews on the website with 1 design review widget.
  • Invite 100 customers per month to leave reviews.
  • You can only manually invite customers by copying contacts.
  • Collect and respond to company reviews in the Trustsearch dashboard.
  • Choose from 1 email template form.


  • 10 different design review widgets.
  • Invite 500 customers per month to leave feedback
  • Ability to automate customer invitations to leave reviews.
  • Option to add motivation (discounts, rewards) to clients.
  • Custom invitation email template.
  • Invitations are possible to Google reviews, Facebook reviews, TrustPilot.
  • Individual customer support.
99 month


  • Free and Premium benefits +
  • A fully customizable review widget.
  • Invite an unlimited number of customers per month to leave reviews.
  • Ability to send invitations to WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger.
  • Software for a physical review stands in the shop or office.
  • Ability to add other reputation facts to the review widget.
Coming Soon